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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Our Visit To The Ranch

 Wanna to share the cutest visit ever with us?! We went here:
 We visited a mini horse farm where I promptly fell in love! Shan warned me on the way that we COULD NOT have one!( Insert me trying to explain why I needed one to live):( Sharing this over @ Finger Prints On The Fridges Feature Your Self Saturday!
 She held my favorite his name is ranger.

This is me holding Ranger he is so beautiful and the fur so soft.
Stop!!! I interrupt this cute post to deliver this message:
 Cute pink flip flops and pretty polka dot dresses do not belong in a field full of miniature horse babies and their poop, I'm just sayin'! :/lol ugh.
Ok Back to the regularly scheduled post.
 This one is female her name is Miss Personality and she certainly lived up to her name!She is beyond gorgeous! And she is the baby I wanted to take home.:( I'm still daydreaming about her for sure.

 This baby is only 7 days old!
 At this point I just knew my wish to take one home was coming into fruition,why you ask cause they practically had Shan eating out of their hands! (cheesy comment but so fitting lol)
 But alas it just wasn't happening all I could do was watch them walk away.:(
Thanks so much to Ms.Jeanne! Btw she assures me I can come out to visit when ever I'd like. Maybe you want one? Call her she'd be glad to have you love one of her tiny babies. Btw Be sure to stop by and link up @Let Them Eat Cakes Friday Blog Hop,maybe you'll meet meet someone new or find a really great blog to follow!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Cane Chair Redo & A Lil' Of This N' That

Its has been a slow week at the cottage the rainy weather has me feeling a little lazy but I did manage too get a few things done. Someone really sweet;) knew that I'd love this chair and the rusty bucket in the background. So they both became small projects for me but I will only show the chair today and I'll share this@No Minilmalist Here Open House Party,Charm Bracelet Diva's Tuesday GW Party and Perfectly Imperfect Furniture Party .You will also find me@Three Boys Vintage Furniture linky party, A Bowl Full Of Lemons One Project @ A Time linky party and Happy Hour Projects Freestyle .Also check me out @ Domestically Speaking's Power of Paint party!
Spray painted the lil cane chair cherry red for my offc area

Came Out So Pretty

I sit  in it to file the weekly bills

I also picked up a few items while at Canton and Goodwill that I have yet to share. So take a look:
GW 1.00 Cute to spray paint for a redo in the summer
1.99 GW Vera Bradley lunch tote retail 27.00. I love my Vera!

2.99 GW just thought it was cute
7.00 In Canton we bought two

Dressed my reborns in pink. Either you love em' or you think they're weird
I also tried a new recipe ranch chicken. I just added ranch dressing to the chicken half way through the baking process and made a quick salad delish! Shan also made an after dinner drink that I loved!

Fresh Salad of arugula mushrooms roman tomato&feta 

Orange Cosmo/made by Shan 
Ingredients were simple:1 part Dekuyper (orange flavored) triple sec, 2 parts vodka, and 1 part cranberry juice. We garnished with a  slice of orange.
This sweet surprise arrived  from an even sweeter bloggy friend it made me smile
And we have already gotten a grocery list for the Thanksgiving holidays done nothing heavy. I will set up a cute buffet style table for our guest and I have already put together a centerpiece that is very simple and I love it!
 I've been working on adding color to my porch and I am very excited about that I'll post those photos on Monday.
We have to take a trip to Hot Springs tomorrow for Shans appointment so during that trip I will make a list of purchases that I want to make for my kids. I hope Christmas shopping will be done by the end of the month but I still have time to search for specific deals. I have already purchased half the items so half the task has already been done.
I'm off to sleep I have lots to do. I'm looking forward to the weekend and hanging out with friends hope you have something fun planned as well. Enjoy!

Monday, June 27, 2011

This Weeks Budget flowers ~Small Town Love~& More of Our randomness...

 Well Everyone its me back from a lovely weekend. We made a quick run to my home town to clear out a storage that I had. And we visited my Mom while we were there to check out the progress at the home she had built. I will blog it later in the week It is total gorgeousness. We also stopped off to see one of my besties I missed her lots. Hi! Tan if you're reading this!

Put a few shorter ones in old minced onion jar
 CouponCravings had some good promos,so we made a quick run to Walmart for a few items. Of course I picked up a bunch of flowers to have in the house this week I'm sharing them over at @Small But Charming. Jane I bought yellow ones this time I tried to do a lil something different but my yellow bunch just isn't a match for my usual roses. I'll never stray from them again. "A Rose if by any other name would smell as sweet" -Shakespeare, Romeo&Juliet.(giggle).
More news to report ya know about Shan and I having to move soon and the circumstances around that...and how we found out that our stay would be extended  another two or three months due to a detail job nearby (45 minutes away)?
Well she started that job detail a week ago and I must report to you that small town America fixed us real good! They did something that we totally didn't expect because believe me we were prepared for the worst. Small town America is trying to become more tolerant!!! Because I'm sure Shan in all her "studliness" was very new to them but still they were all smiles and hellos.(If you don't get that word don't worry its talk "we" use to refer to that more tomboy just sayin thought you wouldn't get it )Well Friday and Saturday yielded the following:

Yes! An abundance of random fruits and veggies from their personal harvest which we ate Sunday night and fresh eggs some of them the brightest pink. .I always buy brown eggs convincing my self of course that somehow they're better. But the store bought ones wouldn't have given the same wonderful variations in color or the joy I got from the fact that they were handpicked by the owner for her.*sigh*. Oh the peaches Shan bought on the way home from work at a fruit stand near our house and they're  homegrown as well.
The point is Im not so worried about her going so far or even how the towns people may react. I do realize not everyone will be as kind but it has restored my faith in "the small towners".Seems my blondie will be just fine.
My Blondie
 Okay new subject. Ive been working on a small project for my bathroom I did this by saving the jelly and fruit jars from the last two months. I buy a brand called Polar (our favorite) it taste homemade. They sell it at a lil mom and pop grocery store here in town. It comes in a really cute jar and cost only a dollar can you believe it?!
I simply spray painted their tops ORB to unify them.They're great for holding small items I couldn't seem to find a place for.Cute huh?

After~ holding my lil things

My random post is almost over. I have an impromptu giveaway of sorts. I ordered a new magazine Fresh Home Magazine & Blog. I don't know if you're familiar with it but it came this weekend in doubles. Yep I got two of the same issue! Think maybe you want my spare copy? I will mail it to the first follower to email me with an address cause I'd hate to just throw it away. My email address is under the header.
Alright I think I'm done now. See you next post!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

DIY Showoff Give-a-way Winner &Our Randomness!

Hello I hope everyone had a good week end and a lovely start to your week. Ours started out wonderfully first we helped my oldest daughter with her move back to Little Rock,Ar. and on the way home we made a brief stop in Hot Springs, Ar. for an appointment and afterwards I visited the local Salvation Army. Needless to say I wasn't impressed. :/ Really! Boutique prices at Salvation Army they have got to be kidding me!?!
Later a quick lunch of catfish @ Bubbas of all places and it was great!
During that one of my blog land friends notified me that I won the $100 DIY Showoff Deck Day Bash Giveaway. I m super excited!!! The giveaway was sponsored by Fiberon Decking Co.
So in the next two weeks I will be shopping around for fun ideas and ways to make our little porch sweeter all on budget.Thanks again DIY Showoff and Fiberon for helping me to make our little sitting space a haven.
Here's a photo of our little cottage I'm open to any advice ladies. I'm thinking color (yes me the neutral queen wants color.) The challenge here small space big style. Btw I must be able to take it to the next space with ease. My inspirations over @ the Pink Postcard. Her recent post on deck furniture and new pillows caught my eye while scrolling my Google reader roll. It was nicely done and on a budget.

 Im still feeling a little anxious about the move but Ive been trying to find things for us to do that we can enjoy and it  be cost effective.So I plan on us attending events the city parks association has planned for the community.
Google Images

 Next months events include two g-rated movies that they will show in the center of our city park on a huge screen. I decided we'd attend both of them and that we needed something cute to carry our snacks and cold drinks in. Shan immediately remembered that she had loaned a picnic basket  purchased at a yard sale years ago to her niece so off she went in search of it.Well after all our fun at the lake a few weeks ago we stopped to pick it up.Gorgeous!

If you want it click here:Ascot Basket Companies
Four piece place setting
Lets see what else in the news at our house? Oh! our Saturday night dinner from our grill was thin cut T-Bone garlic bread and mushrooms stuffed with cheese, roasted pepper, black beans and corn.
 Shan also took me to get a new cell phone because apparently in the words of my kids my cute pink Pantech cellphone was" played". So I got the not so new Apple IPhone 3GS I love it!!! Magazines at your fingertips blogging and shopping all heaven to me. I am officially an IPhone fanatic!I don't really appreciate the case I chose but it was all they had in stock but I'm searching for a cute pink blingy case as we speak.One of my favorite free magazine apps...At Home w/Kim Vallee you can enjoy her fun ideas at  a touch with informative   reading for long trips. To add her to your screen go to apple apps store and install shes under home decor and again its free!

Alright so Ive given you the low down from our last week now I'm off to finish some hard core cleaning of our guest room because my daughter was here for a few months and I have to make  a few changes.  Im sharing this at one of my favorite blogs. Make sure you stop by to visit all the other ladies participating!@ Mommy Head Adventures .Bye for now & ~See You Next Post !

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Remembering ,Water Fun, GW ~ Bloggy Award.

Ok I had a great extended weekend! I am hoping that all of you did as well. We spent Memorial Day @ Joe Pool Lake. 
I will be sharing this@Mommy Head Adventures
Where Blog Hoppin is made simple!!!

Shan and I visited her family for Memorial Day festivities at the lake Joe Pool Lake and some of her friends decided to join us it was sheer bliss but then togetherness always is.Swimming ,eating, boating and water games.Speaking of games, the objective for this one was"Thumbs Up Thumbs Down!" If you want the driver to go faster you put your thumbs up and to go slower you must put the thumb down. lol Well not a soul wanted to see my thumb it was totally cramping their style! lol lol  I just laughed and screamed my head off.!
Shan and her nephew were all thumbs up but me...
...Thumbs down!!!!
View of the Lake

Just plain fun!We were being pulled by a boat appropriately named "The Annie Jo" In remembrance of Shans Mom who is not with us."I Love Her Family" And I loove how they love one another its refreshing to see.
As a way to honor veterans and the current enlisted men and women Shans sister had me to hang flags in front of  the boat docks that we were using so that we'd be reminded of the sacrifices that others make for us.I thought it was the perfect touch.
 I couldn't help thinking that there were people that couldn't enjoy their loved ones because they have passed on or are off defending our country and maintaining our freedoms. I  Thank You for your service I am ever so grateful.
On our way home we decided to stop by Goodwill in Garland Texas wooo hooo! Shan was super sweet for this because she was tired and exhausted but she sat patiently in the car while I shopped.*sigh* I just Love her. They had lots to choose from I hope you enjoy my new picks as well as a few older ones.
Garland Tx GW 451 Interstate 30

1.99 a top for my daughter GW

.99 basket GW
 I'll use it to store peaches  in the fridge because they tend to go pretty fast in our house and food just looks better when its stored in cute containers.
Purchased at Domestic abuse center thrift shop for 25. ea.
I really love these cute glasses just a dab of juice with breakfast I see us using them already.
Close view of rose print

Saucer and small bowl with matching rose print .99 ea.GW

 I'll use the plate and bowl for bath salts and soaps for my tub surround.I picked up a few more items but I thought I would save them for another post.
And I am so excited  to tell you that I received:

Award from the Queen of  Boat Shed Chic!Thank you so much Beth ! Guys you have to visit her her spot in  blogland and check out her most recent wonderful find a settee that is heavenly plus she had some really sweet visitors to stop in!

Ok here it goes seven fun facts about Meme:

1. I love all things Afrocentric .
2.I don't drive on the Expressway I am deathly afraid to.
3.I have two new sewing machines and I cant sew:(
4. I love the outdoors.
5.I want a civil ceremony.
6.My favorite types of plants are tropical.
7.I'm not very close to my parents by choice.(and I'm still happy alot of history people don't judge lol)
~ See Ya next Post!

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